Breaking Artists

PRESENTS Cream Of The Crop
[OCTOBER 1998 - FEBRUARY 1999]

A "Reviewer's Choice Compilation CD"

BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE RAMBO REPORT REVIEWERS [Chauncey Canfield, Jorn Lavoll, Doug Cornell, Jack Orman, Ryan Sutter, Bill Garrett, Deliciound, Rambo]

(If this really was a CD, it would be Produced by 52ND STREAM MEDIA PRODUCTIONS {smile})


  1. Big Bill and the Cool Tones, "A Real Good Woman", Bill no longer keeps music on
  2. Bradley Litwin, "I'll Give You The Bus Money, Honey!",
  3. Scott Petterson, "Swingset",
  4. The Underdogs, "Florida Bound",
  5. Chauncey Canfield,"Popped Art,"
  6. Acherco,"Sax Me,"
  7. Ron Sunshine and Full Swing,"Enough for You,"
  8. Geoffrey Cook,"Stuck in a Groove,"
  9. Higney,"Mr. Maybe,"
  10. Guytare Bergeron,"Contexte,"
  11. Moon In The Man,"Moon in the man - cafe (jazz flavour),"
  12. Daniel Cox "Blue Rumba,"
  13. The PopeAlopes,"Noon Tide,"
  14. Saltire,"Emotion,"
  15. The Prosolar Mechanics,"The Body Spills,"
  16. The Rosenbergs,"Time Warp,"
  17. The Holy Pail,"The Holy Pail,"
  18. The Solipsistics,"The Bitter One"
  19. DDT,"Prosvistela"
  20. Someone Else's Problem,"There is a God,"
  21. Jack A. Orman,"Witch of the Andes"
  22. Natalie Brown,"We Cant Let Love Run Away" Not available at, and I couldn't find the search engine over at Sorry. Send me the link.
  23. Glenda O,"The Dance,"
  24. Kiley,"Do What You've Got to Do,"
  25. Broadzilla,"Bondage Boy,"
  26. Bryce Janey,"Long Time Running,"
  27. The Modulators,"When Both Hands Hit the 12,"
  28. Emily Richards,"You Give (Live),"
  29. Jennifer Cowell,"Destination Nowhere,"
  30. Inside Out,"Killin,"
  31. Mukala,"Regret,"
  32. Jason Kaneshiro,"Indie Girl,"
  33. Belly Puddle,"Clinified Insane,"
  34. CaseylanD,"Shooting Birds at the Airport,"
  35. The Rosenbergs,"Time Warp,"
  36. Jules Rules, "Ground",
  37. Pawn Rook Four,"The Last Great Passion Victim,"
  38. DJ Hooverhead,"Mindlove"
  39. TheSystem,"Consciusness Fleeting"
  40. Diba,"Fusion"
  41. Moondawg,"So Close Yet So Far,"
  42. Killian,"The Happy Trance,"
  43. Falkins,"Madness Of Oliver,"
  44. Deuce Coup Highway,"Dear Abby,"
  45. M.G.S.,"Don't Cry,"
  46. Rom & The Bomb,"Die Without You,"
  47. 790 Robot Head,"Seed,"
  48. The Pictures,"Love Song,"
  49. Architect,"Rock Revolution,"
  50. F The Tin Man,"Goodbye,"
  51. Dance Brothers, "Dance To The Rhythm",
  52. Hate F*ck Trio, (Originally heard on the "0's & 1's" soundtrack), "My Dad's A F*king Alchoholic",
  53. Test Of Time, "The Warez Song",
  54. Rambo,"The King,"
  55. Stan Arthur, "Timothy B",
  56. Jørn Lavoll, "Galskap",
  57. Reed Sutter, "I Guess This Is Good"
  58. NAMM, "Uncut Namm - Parental Advisory",
  59. Panga Niban, "Why",
  60. Tom Aragon, "Ancient Voices*",
  61. 0s & 1s Soundtrack, "Hollywood",
  62. Autis, "Miasma"
  63. Chuck Brodsky, "Happy Little World"
  64. Illness, "Shadoobe"
  65. The Real Crazy Apartment, "Four Sided Circles"
  66. Emilian Sichkin, "Overture Part 2"

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